Purchase Protection

Purchase Protection
Protect your new investment and buy with confidence!


Worried you owe more on your car than it's worth? Check out our GAP insurance to see if it's right for you.  Get protection at a low cost for your vehicle investment when the unexpected happens. 

If your vehicle is totaled or stolen, your insurance company will only pay the current cash value of your vehicle. That might not necessarily be how much you still owe the bank.  GAP can cover the difference between the actual cash value and your principal loan balance so that you aren’t left paying for a car you don’t have.


Extended warranties, also known as "service contracts," can provide peace of mind to some car buyers. Of course, it’s common sense that all drivers want to keep their cars as long as possible, without spending a fortune on repairs. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that protection for your vehicle is just as important as getting a good deal on the used car itself. It not only brings the much-needed peace of mind behind the wheel, but also doesn’t sign a death warrant on your budget. Drivers from all walks of life from Mercedes owners to Chevy truck enthusiasts want to shield themselves from the high prices of auto repairs, and that’s where an extended warranty for your used car comes in.

Finding the right amount of coverage needed for the right price is one of our specialties. We've partnered with several different companies in order to offer a product that is ideal for each vehicle.

There is a wide range of choices when it comes to how long the warranty will last (3 months to 6 years), vehicle miles (1500 up to unlimited mileage) and coverage types.

Generally, there are 4 different types of coverage:

  • Powertrain– A basic coverage that protects your vehicle’s most important and expensive components such as engine, drive axel, and transmission.
  • Stated Component– A mid-level plan which covers basic powertrain protection in addition to other important components such as heating and cooling systems, braking systems, water pump, and more.
  • Exclusionary– Widely considered a premium protection plan by many, is so extensive that instead of listing what is covered it lists a small list of “exclusions” that are not covered by the policy, it protects THAT many parts and components.
  • WRAP– Sometimes when you buy a used car it could still have some of the manufacturer’s warranty (the original coverage placed on  the car from the manufacturer like GMC, Nissan, or Toyota but it will be limited to only a handful of parts and components, however WRAP will cover the rest of your vehicle.


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