What's the big difference?

What's the big difference?
Our customer service is a lot like the cars we sell......
     At Millennium Auto Sales we have been offering complimentary delivery to our customers for years.  Buying a car shouldn’t be a stressful experience and if spending the day on a car lot isn’t in your schedule then we’ll bring the car lot to you.   Our sales manager can approve no cost delivery to your home or work within a reasonable distance that includes most of Arizona.  For out of state delivery or certain rural areas of Arizona we can provide an upfront quote on any delivery cost.  
     Advertising this kind of service usually comes with lots of legal disclaimers and consumer warnings but at Millennium Auto Sales we think being truthful seems to cover it.  There isn’t a set distance or purchase amount to qualify for delivery and we can’t guarantee everything in writing.  We do our best to accommodate any customer given the opportunity.
     Our customer service is a lot like the cars we sell in that every vehicle requires just the right personal touch to make it perfect.  Sometimes that may include bringing a potential purchase to your office at lunch time, keeping the dealership open late or helping you find it if we just don’t have “the right one”.
     The big box stores don’t have anything on Millennium Auto Sales.  All those new trademarked services and state of the art gimmicks look a lot like the common sense and good services offered at our dealership.  When you’re ready to buy we’re ready to deliver! 


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