15% Discounts

15% Discounts
Get great deals on a used car then get vehicle protection.

According to national data, car, truck and motorcycle owners are keeping their vehicles for longer periods of time. A motor vehicle service contract provides an efficient and economical way of maintaining a vehicle for long-term ownership, particularly after the manufacturer’s limited warranty expires. 

We offer coverage from multiple vendors to ensure our customers get the right protection for any vehicle!

From basic coverage of a vehicle's most expensive components to comprehensive plans that rival a manufacturer's basic factory warranty, GWC Warranty has a plan to fit your needs and your budget. These plans fall into two basic protection categories.

Exclusionary Coverage offers so much protection that it's easier to explain what it doesn't cover. All parts of a vehicle covered under the manufacturer's basic factory warranty, except for parts specifically listed under the "Exclusions From Coverage" section of the contract, are covered. It's the ultimate in worry-free protection.

Stated Component Coverage covers the parts and systems explicitly listed on your contract. If a component is included in the vehicle protection plan you have selected, we will cover the cost of parts and labor so you can get back on the road quickly.




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